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About us

Providing comfortable plastic packaging materials with high quality

Contribute to the development of the local economy and society

Tomoet Plastics is headquartered in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, and all manufacturing is done at its own factory in Ueda City. Until now, we have mainly provided packaging materials to the food, housing and other packaging industries, and we have also provided contract services for manufacturing under the brand of the other party.

We have been continuously supplying plastic (PP) ropes for nearly half a century, but now we are starting to provide biodegradable plastic products, and we will also propose conservation of the global environment.

​ We will maintain high quality, flexibly respond to customer requests, and pursue improvement of convenience for users ​



Since its founding in 1947, Tomoet Plastics Corp. has been steadily operating the manufacturing industry. Excellent quality is the cornerstone of our business, and we have used it as a driving force in material selection, production, and transactions with customers.

Company name Tomoet Plastics Corporation

Founded in 1947

Established March 26, 1951

Headquarters / Factory Location 1817-1 Yoshida, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture 386-0151

Contact Tel 0268-35-1212 Fax 0268-36-3382

Representative name Makio Beppu

Business description Plastic processing and sales Environmental services


This time, in addition to the conventional plastic products, we have started to develop products using biodegradable plastic as a raw material.


About Tomoet Plastics Corporation

History so far

We have been providing the highest quality products at reasonable prices, which has not changed since our founding.

1947 Founded Cooking oil manufacturing

1951 Tomoet Plastics Corp. established

1966 Rice milling business started

1968 Livestock business started

1971 Started manufacturing plastic ropes

1980 Real estate business started

2000 Started manufacturing chuck tape

2019 Biodegradable rope production started

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