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Handicraft tape

We are confident in the quality.

Available in a wide variety of colors

Light and durable PP tape that is resistant to water

Enjoy handicrafts at an affordable price

For knitting such as bags and baskets

Preliminary 100 mm wide thin tape

Wrap together

The tape can be taken out from the inside of the core, so it fits well during use, and since there is no paper core, less dust is required.

Length 500m; Width 100mm

Flat winding (without core)

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Made in Japan

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Customer Voices

We are looking for customer feedback. How about usability, color and shape? Please feel free to send us your opinions and requests. We will use it as a reference for future product development.


C. B. (living in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture)

"At first, the string looked a little thick, so I wondered if it would get caught a little when knitting, but since the tape material is soft, I knit it crisply without straining my fingers (using 8-10mm needles). "


Tomoet handicraft tape

For handicrafts, in addition to 6 colors of red / blue / yellow / green / purple for business use, 11 colors added and delivered in individual packaging. We have made it a compact package with a diameter of about 20 cm, which is half that of our company, so that it will not be a burden to carry.

Popular products

The light beige color, which is one of the trendy colors, is easy to match with other colors, so it has been well received. ​


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